House rules

Gritty Firearms

  • All firearms do +1 die of damage
  • Massive damage checks against firearms are DC damage dealt rather than DC15

Death flags and action points

  • Every player has a death flag

    • While lowered, a character cannot die (chunky salsa rule is in effect)
    • If they take damage that would lower them to less than 0 hit points they go to 0 hit points and become unconscious
  • Each player has 6 action points; these replace the normal rules for action points. Action points may be spent to do the following:
Cost Action
1 Before you roll, roll an extra d20 and keep the highest
2 Re-roll a d20
2 Take an extra move action during your turn
3 Take an extra standard action during your turn
6 Lower your death flag
Variable Activate class ability as described
  • You regain 3 action points per rest
  • You may raise your Death Flag at any time to instantly gain 6 action points

    • While your death flag is raised the standard death and dying rules are in effect


Armour non-proficiency is handled as per D&D 3.5, i.e. if you are non-proficient you apply the armour penalty to your attack

Modified feats


Dodge now gives a +1 dodge modifier

<u>Improvised weapons</u>

Now also gives a dice size increase when using improvised weapons.

House rules

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